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The ancestor of accordion is actually a Chinese musical instrument. Guess what it is?

Accordion, a Western musical instrument, has Chinese origin. Its originator is the traditional Chinese ancient wind instrument "Sheng". When we watch the old movies of the 1950s and 1960s, we can often see the figure of accordion. A group of happy young people sang and danced around the leading actor of the accordion. The accordion almost speaks for the passion of the whole revolutionary era. But, you know what? The sound of accordion, which sounds so full of youth, actually originated from the ancient Chinese reed instrument Sheng!

This museum in Tacheng has a collection of 1011 accordions

In November, the tower city in Northern Xinjiang is cold and icy, and the rain turns into snow. The speeding vehicles pass by my side and drive to the distance. Such a colorful world is like a scene in a fairy tale. In this snowy tower city, I am here. This is my third trip to Xinjiang this year. Every time I come, I can have a different experience and feeling. It is said that the most convenient way to understand the history and culture of a place is to visit the local museum. This time, I went to the accordion museum which represents the folk customs of Tacheng.

Xinjiang has a low-key accordion City, museum collection of more than 1000 accordions

Xinjiang is located in the northwest of China. In the northwest of Xinjiang, there is a small border town called Tacheng city. Although it is not well-known, this city has its own characteristics. Tacheng city is adjacent to Kazakhstan. This small city has only about 170000 people, but the scenery is very beautiful. It is called "oil painting tower city". The city is not big, but clean and tidy. Most of the time, it is blue sky and white clouds. In addition, there are many exotic buildings in the city. It is just like an oil painting to take a picture. From Urumqi, you can take a plane to Tacheng, which is about 50 minutes. Just this year, a train has been opened in Tacheng, making it more convenient to travel to Tacheng. In the downtown area of Tacheng, there are many characteristic museums, which are usually the first stop to learn about the city. Before I came to Tacheng, I didn't have much impression of the city, and it was even more difficult to connect it with accordion. In Tacheng, there is an accordion Museum, which will certainly open your eyes. As soon as I entered the accordion Museum, I was attracted by the beautiful accordion music. This piece of music has been following us to the accordion exhibition hall. The one who plays the accordion is the performance teacher of the accordion Museum, whose name is daowuran Duishan. He is also an accordion collector. He is very familiar with the accordion in the museum. He can play any accordion. The audience is impressed by his skillful skills.

Paul Kochakin and accordion

Accordion, the national musical instrument of Russia, has a variety of charm and charms. The author followed the unit to perform in the countryside in the early stage, as an accordion solo and performance After "Beijing news to the border village", "Katyusha", "Spanish bullfighter" and other songs, it was very popular with the public at that time. How is steel made Paul Kochakin also went to work in the countryside, and played accordion as a bridge of interaction, narrowing the distance between people, so that the work can be carried out smoothly. As follows, the author quotes the translation fragment of the original book "how steel is refined" to enjoy the charm of Russian national musical instruments. Translation fragments of the original work (translated by Zhou Lu): at the party, they recall the past and recite the most touching pieces of works they have read. They sang a lot of songs, and they sang very well. The song of battle spread far away. Later, Katyusha Zeller Nova and Mura vorenzeva brought the accordion. So deep bass and accordion silver sounded in the room A bell like melody. That night, Paul played a wonderful performance. When the tall and thin pancratov danced in an unexpected way, Paul forgot everything. He gave up his new style and was as passionate as a fire To play with great enthusiasm. Accordion describes the past, the years of war and today's friendship and struggle And joy. When the accordion was transferred to vorenzeva's hand and played the intense and warm "little apple" dance, one person whirled along with the music to dance the crazy chechottka. This man was no one else, it was Paul kochkin. He stamped his feet and danced with ecstasy. It was the third and last wild dance of his life.

Accordion in the movie (1): crying prairie

Hello everyone, I found that several consecutive tweets have been accompanied by a sentence "it's been a long time since I updated it.". But I'm really happy to see more and more of my friends. People come and go, I didn't welcome those who came, and I didn't send them off when I left. But as long as friends continue to pay attention to the official account, I will continue to push the music I love, and I hope you can recommend each other's favorite music. This time, it was introduced to you by the composer of the prairie, which is called "weepo", which was recommended by the composer and director of "the prairie".

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